Legendas Nobody Wants the Night (2016)


Groenlândia, 1908. Josephine Peary  é uma expedicionária que viaja ao Polo Norte em busca de seu marido, desbravador. Dona de fortes convicções sobre a vida e o seu trabalho, ela muda por completo sua visão do mundo após um inesperado encontro com a esquimó Allaka .

Greenland, 1908. Josephine, self-confident and bold wife of famous Arctic explorer Robert Peary, embarks on a dangerous journey in pursuit of her husband who is seeking a route to the North Pole. But Josephine is also naïve and ignores warnings from experienced polar travellers about the onset of winter. At great sacrifice the expedition reaches Peary’s base camp. Josephine refuses to go home and wants to spend winter in the hut. Only the young Inuit woman Allaka, who lives in an igloo and knows about the cold, stays with her. As the long nights draw nearer, Josephine realises she has more in common with this woman from a different world than she thought.

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Ninguém Deseja a Noite

Nadie quiere la noche

Não recomendado para menores de 14 anos

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